Foot Health Care

Bunion Removal – Hallux Valgus Repair

The surgical treatment of bone deformity in the big toe and bunion foot is called a bunion removal treatment or hallux vagus repair. The patient is in a state of unconsciousness and with a cut into the bone area of the foot, the deformity is corrected and it is let to stabilize with the help […]

Bunion Metatarsal Orthotics

The bone at the bottom of the big toe is usually called a bunion. It happens sometimes that this bunion tends to be a painful and problematic deformation of your bones. This can be caused due to prolong irritation from a disease like arthritis, or sometimes it is hereditry too. This causes the base joint […]

Foot Health Tips

Welcome to foot care tips.  Here we talk about all aspects of foot care so that you can have a healthy feet.  You may be carrying the world in your shoulders but your feet carry you around the world.  It is very important that you take care of your foot since they are the part […]