Foot Health Care

Stress Fracture Treatment

Treatment will depend on the location of the stress fracture. Most stress fractures will heal if you reduce your level of activity and wear protective footwear for two to four weeks. Non impact aerobic activity such as swimming, rowing, cross-country skiing, walking or bicycling to maintain cardiovascular fitness. Though the pain may subside after the […]

Stress Fracture Heel

To heal the pain you have, you must face the pain you have. The calcaneus bone is the big heel bone at the back of the foot. Due to overuse a stress fracture can occur in the bone. Stress fractures are tiny, incomplete breaks or cracks in a normal bone caused by repeated trauma or […]

Mortons Toe

Saving your toe with right toe box. Morton’s Toe or mortons Foot is a common forefoot disorder where the second toe is longer than the Big Toe (the Hallux). It is a particular form of metatarsalqia caused by enlargement of the digital nerve. Over 70 years ago, Dr. Dudley Morton discovered that many people had […]