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Haglunds’ deformity – Symptoms and Treatments

Common symptoms of Haglunds’ deformity are: Red area at the back of heel A noticeable bump on the back of heel. Pain in the area where the Achilles tendon attaches to the heel. Swelling in the back of the heel. Treatment of Haglund’s deformity can be divided into nonsurgical treatment and surgical treatment. In the […]

Haglunds’s Deformity

Living the good life with wide feet is a dream of everyone. The feet contain a quarter of the bones in the body. Sometimes the shape of a bone can cause problems in the foot. One example of this is Haglund’s deformity, a condition caused by a prominent bump on the back of the heel […]

Arch Strain

Treat your feet like to have them for a lifetime. Arch strain is a name given to the pain and inflammation experienced in the arch of the foot, which is the raised area that runs from the ball of the big toe to the heel. This pain may be debilitating causing an individual to decrease […]