Foot Health Care

Symptoms of Heel Pain

Heel Pain can be caused because of many reasons, its main symptoms are the following… Plantar fasciitis – This commonly cause intense pain along the bottom of the foot when you start walking getting down from bed in morning. This will go away once you start to walk around and return at a later time […]

Excercise for Curing Heel Pain

Just as we know, Heel pain is usually caused as a result of of tight calf muscles. This pain can develop into heel spurs or the condition called plantar fasciitis. When this happens, there are various exercises that can be done that stretch the calves and work the muscles on the bottom of the feet. […]

Cure and Treatments for Heel Pain

What are the most common ways for treating heel pains? The common treatments for heel pain are the following. Rest – Diseases like heel pain need the main medicine which is nothing but taking rest. If this pain is caused due to doing some specific work such as walking for a long distance, continuous standing […]

Heel Pain & Its Causes

Heel pain is a most common problem which we’re dealing in our daily life. Just like in the case of fever, there are many variants for heel pain also. Many common causes are there for heel pain and they will be having entirely with different treatment. Understanding the original cause and treating appropriately is really […]