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Arch Pain Symptoms

Arch pain is commonly called as foot pain, A patient having arch pain will be usually having inflammation of the tissues within the midfoot. The arch of the foot is actually made of a tight band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes which is really important in proper foot mechanics and weight transfer from the heel to the toes. When this tissue of the arch of the foot becomes irritated and inflamed, even simple movements become extremely painful.

Pain and tenderness associated with plantar fascia strains are usually felt on the bottom of the foot. This pain might increase or decrease by stretching of the arch.

A more specific pain which is not associated with plantar fascia might be an indicator that something is wrong in that particular region. Pain while moving the affected area is also an indicator of the specific body part being affected.

We know that bones and ligaments work together to form joints, and that bones are joined together by ligaments. Strains may occur in ligaments occasionally. In the arch of the foot, there are ligaments that are located at the ends of each bone. These ligaments connect the bones to other bones on both ends and on the sides. Point tenderness and looseness of a joint are the general indicators of having a sprain.

Arch pain might have a variety of different causes. Just like for any other ailment, proper evaluation and diagnosis of arch pain is essential in planning treatment. A good general advice is to compare the injured side to the uninjured side. Injury may present itself as a distinguishable lump, a gap felt at that location, or a “crunchy” feeling on that spot caused by inflammation. The type, causes, and severity of pain are also good indicators of the severity of the injury.

Arch pain can be described in four manners

o    Pain while doing something.

o    Pain before and after doing something, and without affecting performance.

o    Pain occurring before, during, and after every athletic activity and also affecting performance.

o    Pain so severe that performance is impossible.

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