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Athletes foot is a disease caused by fungus. It is also called tinea pedis. The symptoms of this disease are scaling,flaking and itching of the affected areas. The reason why it is termed as athletes foot is because it was common among athletes who shared a common bath as this one way in which the disease spreads.  Moist floor and walking without shoes or other protective gears for the foot rapidly spreads the disease.

The disease can also spread to other parts of the body most noticeably the groin area. Maintenance of personal hygiene is  very important in preventing this disease. Besides scaling,flaking and itching blisters and crack occur which lead to the exposure of raw tissue causing pain, swelling and inflammation . In acute cases pus discharge accompanied by blood occurs. Fungal infection may be followed by bacterial infection.

Treatment is available  which can bring down the disease.  The disease  can be easily diagnosed with direct visual inspection . To eliminate the chances of other diseases like  eczema and psoriasis a KOH(pottasium hydroxide) test is done which contains skin scrapes of the affected area. A biopsy for histological examination can be done to remove any doubt. Athletes foot is a very communicable disease and the best way to prevent is to maintain hygeine. In public places usage of sandals and shower shoes are excellent for the prevention of  the disease. It is also advisable  to use one’s own toilet items.

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