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Bunion Metatarsal Orthotics


The bone at the bottom of the big toe is usually called a bunion. It happens sometimes that this bunion tends to be a painful and problematic deformation of your bones. This can be caused due to prolong irritation from a disease like arthritis, or sometimes it is hereditry too. This causes the base joint of your big toe to thincked and become large. This problem changes the shape of your feet making it difficult to find footwears.

This problem with bunions is very common and happens with misaligned bone structure at the joint and women tend to find this problem happening as they wear small shoes. This common foot health problem is usually curable with treatment options available.

Foot Orthotics are order to made equipments used to stabilize your body and prevent you from too much of pronation and suppination which can be a problem for your foot health while you do your daily activities like walking or cycling or others.

Metatarsalgia is a symptom which indicates that you are giving your feet more stree like high heeled shoes or are weighing too much or have a condition like arthritis or gout.

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