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Callus and Corn

Callus is tough area of the skin which has become so due to the constant wear ands tear of the skin.This happens after a very long duration and is usually a protective measure.Callus formation can be a blessing as it offers some level of protection. Too much rubbing of the corn causes blisters which may lead to infection and contamination. Corn may be prevented by wearing shoes with soft soles and less rubbing of the area. The chances of corn formation is very high in the legs as this is the place that is prone to more wear and tear than other parts of the body. Calluses and corns may go away as time progresses .Usage of salicyclic acid containing lotions,sanded down or parred down can remove it. Corn is a specially shaped callus which forms on smooth skin .Bleeding of callus is a symptom of diabetes. Because corn stiffens  the capillaries causing it to break.

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