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Cure and Treatments for Heel Pain

What are the most common ways for treating heel pains? The common treatments for heel pain are the following.

  • Rest – Diseases like heel pain need the main medicine which is nothing but taking rest. If this pain is caused due to doing some specific work such as walking for a long distance, continuous standing etc, just give ample rest to your feet. Sit down for a while and don’t give much strain to those.
  • Applying Ice Packs – Make the affected area cool using ice. Pain will be subsided in no time.
  • Exercise – Appropriate exercises which are meant for heel pain can be a big help. Doing these exercises regularly will help you feel better within a short duration of time.
  • Anti Inflammatory Medicines – These medicines which are designed for curing pain, inflammation etc also make you feel better. A wide variety of such medicines are available in market for heel pains. For more serious types strong medicines prescribed by a medical practitioner will do the job.
  • Shoe Inserts – This method of treatment is the key to successful cure of heel pain. Shoe inserts permit patients to continue their routine activities without heel pain.

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As there are many causes, treatment will be somewhat different when causes are different. We’ll see
some the treatment methods in that point of view now.

  • Plantar Fasciitis – Conservative treatment which I mentioned above will be very effective for pain caused by Plantar Fasciitis. If nothing works surgery is recommended.
  • Heel spur – Same as above, conservative treatment should work here also. As in plantar fasciitis, surgery can be seen as a last resort.
  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome – Treatment includes the usage of local anesthetics and soluble steroids, which help reducing the patient’s pain. These treatment methods may produce complete relief of symptoms, but they need to be performed carefully, as side effects may be there. Surgical treatment can also help in this case
  • Other causes can be cured with the conservative method itself.

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