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Diabetic Foot and Prevention

Diabetic Foot is a term that commonly encompasses a number of foot problems related to diabetes mellitus. The reason stems from the fact that their could be abnormalities in the artery leading to its rupture and the neurons could also be affected due to it.

The delay caused in the healing of the wound causes infection and can lead to gangrene. Around ten to fifteen percent of patients suffering from diabetes at some point in their time suffer from some problem related to their foot. Fifty percent of problems related with diabetes are related with foot andthey account for many hospital admissions.

Prevention is better than cure and methods to prevent include frequent check ups to a chiropodist, maintaining healthy life style, usage of diabetic socks and shoes and the most important of all avoiding injury. Some studies suggest that there is very little effect in the usage of custom made shoes.

Injuries to neurons seem to be one reason why shoes custom made for diabetic patients are recommended as this could result in reduction in injuries to the foot.

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