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Diabetic Foot Wear

Diabetic Shoes are custom made therapeutic shoes and are made so as not to cause any breakage of skin in patients suffering from diabetes. The major use of using such footwear is to decrease the risk of ulcer, callus and gangrenes. Shoes are also provided with orthotics such as arch supports, wedges and heels. These provide support for legs and prevent the happening of injury and improves mobility.

Types of shoes:

Custom molded shoes are shoes that are constructed over a positive model of the wearer’s foot these are made from leather or other material of equal quality and have removable inserts which can be altered / placed as the wearer’s condition demands and also  have some form of shoe closure, such as lace or velcro.

Depth shoes are shoes that have a full length heel to toe liner which when removed, provides a minimum of 3 inch of extra depth which can be  used to accommodate custom molded or customized inserts which are made from leather or other material and have some form of shoe closure made of  lace or Velcro are these are available in full and half sizes with a minimum of three widths.

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