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Excercise for Curing Heel Pain

Just as we know, Heel pain is usually caused as a result of of tight calf muscles. This pain can develop into heel spurs or the condition called plantar fasciitis. When this happens, there are various exercises that can be done that stretch the calves and work the muscles on the bottom of the feet. With these exercises we can bring down heel pain to a greater extent and get relief.

Exercise #1 – Stretching

This stretching exercise is done by placing the balls of your foot against a wall and straightening your leg.

Exercise #2 – Roll Out

This one is done on a foam roller or even a can of soup. You just stand on top of it (be careful and don’t slip), and with your weight pushing down, roll your foot back and forth slowly.



Exercise #3 – Toe Walks

To do toe walks, you should stand on your tip toes and walk across the floor. Just the way you used to play in childhood. Every time you lift your foot up, you flex the toes. This can bring a great relief.





Exercise #4 – Towel Stretch

This exercise can be done in a seated position on the floor. Wrap a towel over the balls of your foot and gently pull back and hold for some time, repeat the same again and again.





Exercise #5 – Stair Stretch

To do this exercise, you will need to stand on a step or a block. Place your foot halfway on the step, as if you are climbing up, and then lower your heel downward. Go up and down alternatively. Do this for sometime continuously.






Doing these exercises regularly can help bringing down the heel pain and bring smiles back to your faces again. You will be running again with lots of happiness and relief in your life again.

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