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Flat Feet

Flat feet is a medical condition in which the arch of the foot is in a collapsed condition. In around 25 percent of the population the arch never develops . In some the development of arch may happen only in one of  the foot. Flat feet doesn’t compromise on footspeed and also passes plantar reflex test. Flat feet is most commonly seen in children.  Babies foot may give the appearance of a flat feet but that may be due to the fat surrounding the feet. Pain in the knee joints maybe a symptom of flat feet development ,so is calf muscle pain and and any pain around the foot area.

Walking on bare foot and across different terrain leads to the development of arched feet.The occurence of flat feet can be diminished by regular working walking on different terrains and also wearing slippers and sandals. Flat feet can also be treated wearing insoles. Flat feet can also be found in the elderly due to injury illness and stress.Genetics also contributes to falt feet. treatment include exercises, arch support,foot gymnastics etc aas recomended by the doctor.

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