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Foot Diseases in Old Age

Aging causes structural deformities on the legs due to the regular wear and tear of the foot . Hammer toes and bone spurs are common ailments of old age.  Most of the complications of old age result in large scale wear and tear. Exercising regularly frequent visits to the podiatrists can help in checking the disease to some extent.

Maintaining a healthy life style wearing of proper foot ears are some of the aspects that one should take care to prevent foot diseases in old age. People suffering from diabetes should take extreme care  of their foot as any injuries on foot will take a long time to heal and will further add to the complications.  Arthritis is another major complication affecting people of old age.

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  1. Bruce Carl on September 24th, 2009 11:30 pm

    You make some very good points. Our bodies are just like our cars, they require proper upkeep and maintenance to work well. Many people forget this because the damage can take many years to show up. Once a diabetic is getting their feet cut off, they realize how important proper foot care is.

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