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Gangrene is the death of cells occuring as a result of thew decay of body tissues. the dead tissues become black and bad smelling. the disease is formed due to insufficient supply of blood to the tissues and is also seen in people with a history of diabetes and long term smoking. Lower limbs are the most affected region of this condition. Restoration of blood flow to the affected region is the most effective solution to combat this disease. Restoration of blood cannot completely reverse the effects of this disease but can to some extent restore the damaged tissues. Other form of treatment include removal of  affected tissues and amputation. The word gangrene means putrifaction of tissues and is of greek origin.  Gangrenes are of three types including wet gangrene,dry gangrene and gas gangrene. Wet gangrene occur in wet area like mouth,vulva ,lungs,bowels,cervix etc. The wet gangrenes are affected by saprogenic microorganisms , which cause tissue to swell and emit a foul smell. Dry gangrenes occur in usual in the lower extremities due to loss of blood flow. Hydrogen sulphide released by bacteria reacts with haemoglobin and produce the dark coloration. gas gangrenes produces gaases within tissues and is caused by the Clostridium perfringens bacteria. This form of grangene can be dangerous and should be treated at the earliest.

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