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Haglunds Deformation

Haglunds deformation is a bonny enlargement at the back of the foot. Pressure due to ill fitting shoes is one of the major reasons cited for this deformation. The major symptom of this deformity is the knot or the bump forming  above the heel at the place where it meets the Achilles tendon

. The bursa is inf lammed leading to bursitis.  The deformation can be diagnosed by the naked eye but an x-ray report will provide details about the size and other aspects of the disease providing better insight onto the patients profile of the disease.

Swelling may be present and the treatment includes wearing shoes with out any backs or sandals. This decreases the pressure induced thereby decreasing the swelling . other option is surgery if the pin becomes unbearable or if the deformity persists for a longer duration. Surgery involves the removal of a section of the bone leading to a change in the deformation. Rest is advised until the surgery is healed.

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