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Hallus Valgus

Hallus valgus is the other term for Bunion. It is a structural deformity of the joint and the foot where the big toe is slightly bend to the second toe.  This condition is very painful . The enlargement of the mesophalangeal joint contributes to this painful condition . An enlargement of the bursal sac accompanies  this deformation. irritated skin ,pain around the bunion,swell etc are the  symptoms of bunion. Biomechanical abnormality  where certain tendons, ligaments, and supportive structures of the first metatarsal are no longer functioning correctly causes bunion. The big toe may deviate to the second toe. Walking and standing postures also contribute to the increase in difficulties associated with bunions. Application of topical ointments ,ice etc may provide temporary relief . Surgical procedures can provide complete relief and these include removal of the extra bone growth in the metatarsal region.

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