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Heel Bump Removal

Heel Bumps can be a constant source of pain. Wearing shoes can be painful and it requires surgical removal. Incisions are made to remove the bumps. these incisions are made directly over the bumps. the proces amy take just a day or but the healing can take a lot of time. Swelling after operation can be a major factor and can cause a lot of discomfort. The swelling eventually decreases. care has to be taken so that infection doesn’t occur. General anaesthetic supplemented by local anaesthetic is applied before the begining of the operation.

Post operation a bandage is applied. Complete weight can be beared upon successful operation . Doctor will suggest what is best for you. Bandages are changed as stipulated by the doctor until the wound completely heals. A temporary plaster cast or protective boot iss applied if a significant portion of the tendon has to be detached . the temporary plaster is removed once it heals.

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