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Hijabs UK

Hijabs UK

HIjabs UK

Hidden Pearls, are one of our biggest sponsors and today’s article is going to be all about their company, values and stories of their success. In their own words “”. They started as a two man online business back in Feb. Soon after one of the co-founder actually left, it became a 1 man army for a little while. Today they are the market leaders in Hijabs UK. What they have achieved in such a short period of time is simply amazing.

Hijabs & Hijab pins

Their main target market is female Muslim population aged 13-45 in their own words, however one can easily find so many products on their website that cater to the needs of all age and religious groups alike. Their main products are hijabs, designer hijabs, hijabs pins, hijab brooches, hijab underscarf, hijab caps, maxi skirts, niqabs, Abayas and other Islamic clothing. They run several discount schemes several times a year where you can grab a bargain buy. The designs & variety in products, service and cost of Hidden Pearls is simply unmatchable by any of their competitors.

What is Hijab?

HIjab and Hijab Pins

They have also published a really informative article titled ‘what is hijab’. It is an absolutely must read especially for a person who is not a Muslim. It gives an amazing insight into Hijabs. It explains what hijab means, what its religious significance is, its types and most importantly how the word hijab has evolved into different meanings in different countries around the World.

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