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Ingrown Toe Nails

Ingrown  nail is a form of nail disease in which the toe nail cuts into one or both the sides of  the nail bed. It causes pain which is unbearable at times. It is called Onychocryptosis or Unguis incarnatus.One of the major causes is wearing shoes with less room. This pressurizes the toe from both the top and the sides causing the nail to cut into the nail bed.  Other causes include cutting the nails too short ,peeling of nails, straight cuts in place of round cuts .

Ill fitting shoes which impairs the feet during the developmental stages which causes the the nail to grow inwards as a result of this. Excessive use of force, dropping of hard objects,wear and tear of the foot especially in athletes which causes the flesh  to become too soft and certain diseases which infect the feet also contributes to the ingrowth of toe nails. Genetics is also considered to be a contributing factor to this disease as deformities inherited can aid  in the development of this disease.

Pain along the margin of the nail, pain while wearing shoes , redness of the surrounding area are all symptoms of the disease. Sometimes overgrowth of tissue around the nails can also be mistaken for this disease. Treatment include surgery for very acute cases . Soaking the toe in cold water etc can also mitigate the effects of this disease.

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