Foot Health Care | List of Foot Disorders 2

List of Foot Disorders 2

Disorders of the bones:

  • Fracture: A break in the bone caused due to stress or high impact.
  • Jones Fracture: Fracture of the fifth metatarsal of the foot.
  • Dupuytren fracture: It is also known as Pott’s fracture. The term is used to indicate a variety of ankle fractures.
  • Osteomyelitis: An infection of the bone or the bone marrow  caused by phylogenetic bacteria or mycobacteria.

Disorders of the nerves:

  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome: A very painful condition in which  the tibial nerve is impinged and compressed as it travels through the tarsal tunnel. it is also called posterior tibial neuralgia.
  • Neuroma: this refers to the nerve tumours.
  • Metatarsalgia: It is commonly called stone bruise  and refers to any painful condition affecting the metatarsal region of the foot.
  • Nerve entrapment: Nerves get compressed  and entraped leading to pain and loss of sense etc.

Combined disorders:

  • Pes cavus:  It means cavus foot and it causes the foot to arch caused due to fixed plantor fixon.
  • Club foot: It is a birth dfect giving the appearance of walking on ankles.

Genetic disorders:

  • Polydactyly: a genetic defect which causes an increase in number of  toes or fingers.

Specific manifestations of systemic disease:

  • Diabetic foot: It is a term which refers to a group of foot related problems of pople suffering fromdiabetes mellitus.
  • Rheumatoid foot : Problems in which the inflamation of  the ankles occur.
  • Neuropathy:  disorders of he nerves of the peripheral nervous system.

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