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Stress Fracture

A stress fracture is a kind of fracture caused due to excessive stress of the bones . It causes incomplete fracture of bones. It is usually seen in athletes who undergo repeated stress . It is actually a very small sliver or crack and occurs usually as a hairline fracture. It typically occurs in weight-bearing bones, such as the bone of the lower leg and bones of the foot.

Aging also contributes to stress fracture as it leads to degeneration of the bones. Chances of fracture is very high in patients suffering from osteoporosis. Patients from osteoporosis has bones low in calcium which means their bones are quite weak and this reduces their ability to carry load leading to stress fracture at the slightest provocation.

Stress related fracture can also be minimized by wearing roper footwear.  Footwear worn should support the arches and the heels. Regular exercises and periodical check ups can lessen the occurrence of a stress fracture.

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