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Surgery Treatment For Plantar Fasciitis

Surgery is considered as an option for relieving from plantar fasciitis pain only if the pain persists even after the period of 9 to 12 months of conservative treatment by which it should have been cured properly. If it is in the case of athletes who cannot give proper rest for their feet and if the pain impairs their performance very drastically, surgery is the only option ahead of them. All the patients who opt for plantar fasciitis surgery should be made aware of the risks involved in the surgery properly.

In open mode of surgery, usually an incision is made through the heel pad and the part of the ligament is cut to relieve the tension. Damaged tissues or heel spurs are also removed from the body during the surgery. In endoscopic mode of surgery, damaged area of
ligaments are located by means of various endoscopic instruments that are inserted inside the body.

What are the risks involved in surgical treatment of plantar fasciitis?

They include Infections resulting out of the surgery which are one of the common problems of all surgeries. Another thing is that, the arch of the foot can reduce, if the part of the ligament is cut more than required. Lastly, the surgery may or may not reverse all the effects of plantar fasciitis pain.There is always a chance that a patient comes out of surgery with all the symptoms of plantar fasciitis still in place.

Just like rest is prescribed as a conventional treatment for this kind of pain, it is also suggested even after the surgery, so as to enable the tissue to heal quickly. It normally takes about a minimum of 3 months for the tissue to heal completely and to resume its normal
function of weight bearing.

This surgical treatment involves quite a few complications and also its results cannot be assured. So it is always advised to think many times before deciding for taking surgery. Since prevention is always better than cure, the best way to protect your foot and the tissues supporting it is, to maintain a proper posture, wearing proper shoes and to ensure your body weight is distributed evenly on your feet. Then you will never have to worry about plantar fasciitis pain at all.

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