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Symptoms of Heel Pain

Heel Pain can be caused because of many reasons, its main symptoms are the following…

  • Plantar fasciitis – This commonly cause intense pain along the bottom of the foot when you start walking getting down from bed in morning. This will go away once you start to walk around and return at a later time of the day.





  • Heel spur – Heel spurs will cause pain and tenderness on the lower of the heel that will get worse as time passes by.






  • Calcaneal apophysitis – Usually caused in small children, this condition will cause pain and tenderness at the lower back portion of the heel of those small kids. Heel will not be swollen in most cases.







  • Bursitis – Bursitis in heel causes pain in the middle of the undersurface of the heel. It gets worse with prolonged standing. The pain at back of the heel gets worse if you bend your foot up or down.












  • Pump bump – This causes a painful enlargement at the back of the heel, ladies who wear high heel shoes, beware of this.










  • Local bruises – Heel bruises may cause pain, mild swelling, soreness and a black-and-blue discoloration of the skin.
  • Achilles tendonitis - This causes pain at the back of the heel where the Achilles tendon attaches to the heel. The pain gets worse if you exercise or play sports, and it is followed by soreness, stiffness and mild swelling, so take good care of yourself.








  • Trapped nerve – A trapped nerve can cause pain in heel, numbness or tingling almost anywhere like the back, inside or under surface of the heel. There are many other common symptoms such as swelling or discoloration if the trapped nerve was caused by a sprain, fracture or other injury.

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