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Treatments of Hugland’s Deformation

Non surgical procedures are employed to reduce the inflammation of the bursa or Hugland’s Deformation

These include:

1. Application of ice packages over a towel to reduce swelling for around 15-20 minutes.

2. Topical pain reliever and anti inflammatory medications are available to reduce the inflammation.

3. Exercise to relieve tension of the Achilles tendon

4. Heel lifts. Patients with high arches may find that heel lifts placed inside the shoe decrease the pressure on the heel.

5. Heel pads.Usage of  heel  pads inside the shoe helps in the cushioning of  the heel and will help reduce irritation while walking.

6.Shoe modification. Wearing shoes that are backless or have soft backs will avoid or minimize irritation.

7.Physical therapy. Inflammation is sometimes reduced with certain forms of physical therapy, such as ultrasound therapy. Orthotic devices. These custom arch supports are helpful because they control the motion in the foot, which can aggravate symptoms.

9. Immobilization. In some cases, casting may be necessary to reduce symptoms.

failure of non invasive procedures may require surgical procedures to remove the bone deformation. The surgeon with the help of x-rays  and other tools can quickly find a solution to ease the troubles caused by Hug land’s deformation.

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