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Type of Foot Fractures

Fracture of foot bone is caused by stress or heavy impact. other causes of fracture include weakening of bone by oetioporesis, cancer and bone deformation due to genetic deformation like down;s syndrome. Fractures are of two types closed fracture and open fracture.

In closed fracture the skin does not break  and the bone doesn’t come in direct contact with the air . In open type of fracture the skin ruputeres leading to infection and potential need for surgery. Insimple foot fractures fracture occur only along a single line causing the bone to be split into two pieces . in multiple fracture the bone breaks along mulitple lines. Fracture requires high precision surgical care and the quality of surgery detrermines to the extent by which human can walk.

Complete fracture – A fracture in which bone fragments separate completely.

Incomplete fracture – A fracture in which the bone fragments are still partially joined.

Linear fracture – A fracture that is parallel to the bone’s long axis.

Transverse fracture – A fracture that is at a right angle to the bone’s long axis.

Oblique fracture – A fracture that is diagonal to a bone’s long axis.

Spiral fracture – A fracture where at least one part of the bone has been twisted.

Compacted fracture – A fracture caused when bone fragments are driven into each other.

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